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MitoFit news

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  • 003. 2016-05-06:
Dear colleague,
1st MitoFit Science Camp, Kuehtai (close to Innsbruck) – 2016, July 07 to 13.
We are looking forward to seeing you highly MitoFit at 2,020 m in Kuehtai,
Erich and Verena
  • 002. 2016-03-30:
Dear colleague,
We are happy to inform you that registration for the 1st MitoFit Science Camp is now open. Immediately following EBEC2016 (July 2-7), the MitoFit Science Camp will take place in Kuehtai (close to Innsbruck), Austria from July 7th to 13th.
  • High-level training in mitochondrial respiratory physiology,
  • Internationally renowned speakers – interlaboratory networking,
  • High-resolution respirometry - mitochondrial performance testing,
  • Discussions on fundamentals of quality control – MitoFit proficiency test
  • Find out more: » MitoFit Science Camp 2016 Kuehtai AT
Register now: » MitoFit SC 2016 Registration
We are looking forward to seeing you highly MitoFit at 2,020 m in Kuehtai,
Erich and Verena
  • 001. 2016-03-08:
We are delighted to inform the mitochondrial community about the COST Action 'Mitochondrial mapping: Evolution - Age - Gender - Lifestyle - Environment (MITOEAGLE)', which is going to be funded for four years:
Researchers from COST Member Countries and Cooperating States can join the Action. For more information (including Near Neighbour Countries and International Partner Countries) and modalities for joining, see:
 » Join the COST Action CA15203 MITOEAGLE


  • 020. 2015-12-22: Quote from Pedersen and Saltin (2015): ’.. it is now time that the health systems create the necessary infrastructure to ensure that supervised exercise can be prescribed as medicine.’  » Pedersen 2015 Scand J Med Sci Sports
MitoFit hot topics:
MitoFit Workshop on blood cell respirometry for mitochondrial research and diagnostic applications. Innsbruck, 2016-Jan-08:
Making a molecular map of exercise - NIH Common Fund:
As the end of the year approaches, we thank you for your positive feedback and cooperation, sending you season's greetings and all the best for a happy, successful, MitoFit and generally healthy New Year.
  • 019. 2015-12-10: From insulin-resistant obese to MitoFit – with aerobic exercise training: » Konopka_2015_Diabetes
  • 018. 2015-11-25: Performance tests on skeletal muscle mitochondria of the Inuit haplogroup reveal fitness information beyond the uncoupling hypothesis for adaptations to the arctic climate:  » Gnaiger 2015 Scand J Med Sci Sports
  • 017. 2015-11-16: MitoFit in the brain » Burtscher 2015 Mitochondrion
  • 016. 2015-10-20: In an effort to examine the comparability of data generated by different laboratories and across various studies, we are taking note of commonly used fatty acids being utilized to examine beta-oxidation.
Therefore, we would like to ask you the following:
  • What is your experience with examining fatty acid oxidation in permeabilized muscle fibres?
  • Which fatty acids do you use?
A) Octanoylcarnitine
B) Palmitylcarnitine
C) Other (please specify)
The results of this survey will be summarized in the O2k-Network discussion forum: »
  • 015. 2015-09-24: The MitoFit project was approved by the Tyrolean Government with a budget of € 1.3 Mill. Our main aim is the development of novel laboratory standards and diagnostic monitoring of a mitochondrial fitness score. The Universities of Innsbruck and industry partners collaborate with international strategic partners in this ambitious programme:
» K-Regio MitoFit
MitoFit Training Camp 2016 Kuehtai AT: Immediately following EBEC 2016 organized by Paolo Bernardi in Riva del Garda, the first ‘MitoFit Training Camp’ will take place on 2016 July 7-13, at the High Altitude Training Center Kühtai at an altitude of 2020 m. The MitoFit Training Camp will provide a unique opportunity to receive first-hand introductions to state-of-the-art diagnostic monitoring of mitochondrial respiratory function. A wide range of areas will be covered on protective medicine, exercise physiology, mitochondrial pharmacology, aging, to comparative mitochondrial physiology (cell types, tissues, species).
» MitoFit Science Camp 2016 Kuehtai AT
Open Innovation: the NextGen-O2k is not yet in series production, but some special innovations are now available:
» TIP2k-Module with 200 µl (new) or 500 µl syringes, for steady-state hypoxia and more.
» OROBOROS racks make experiments with SUIT protocols more convenient.
  • 013. 2015-07-31: To the heart of the Amazon - Phenotypic mitochondrial respiratory control differs widely from mouse to man. Does this mean that these hearts have different mitochondrial fitness? What can we learn from comparative mitochondrial physiology? Find out more: » MiPNet20.12 IOC103 Manaus
The OROBOROS-team sends you best wishes for a MitoFit Summer
  • from this year's KrassFit/XLETIX challenge in Kühtai (Tyrol, Austria). » OROBOROS MitoFit team KrassFit2015 Kuehtai
  • joining with Lemawork Ketema (Ethiopia): Wings for Life World Run champion 2014 and 2015, running 79.9 km (49.9 miles) and this year's Rio de Janeiro Marathon runner #2. » Becoming MitoFit


  • .. the mito-fit paper on the elderly was great! Anthony Hickey; O2k-Network Lab: NZ Auckland Hickey AJ (2015-06-10).
  • Thank you for the update publication. It's quite inspiring. Ping Zheng (2015-06-09).
  • Thanks for sending this interesting study conducted in PBMCs for the bioblast group. Marcus Oliveira; O2k-Network Lab: BR Rio de Janeiro Oliveira MF (2015-05-08).
  • This is the first glimpse I have seen of MitoFit, and I have to tell you it's brilliant! When we launched Team MitoCanada a few years back combined with all the recent research and correlation to general health and Mito health, it just seems like the natural progression. We are taking a new approach to mitochondrial health as well with MitoCanada and reading your webpage really confirms the need to consider the full spectrum of mitochondrial health as part of our awareness strategy. Blaine Penny, President and CEO of MitoCanada Foundation and winner of the Wings for Life World Run in Niagara Falls 2015 (2015-05-06).

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 YearReferenceMammal and modelTissue and cellStressDiseases
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Endothelial;epithelial;mesothelial cell
Other cell lines
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Makrecka-Kuka 2015 Biomolecules2015
O2k-Protocols contents
Makrecka-Kuka M, Krumschnabel G, Gnaiger E (2015) High-resolution respirometry for simultaneous measurement of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide fluxes in permeabilized cells, tissue homogenate and isolated mitochondria. Biomolecules 5:1319-38.
Nervous system
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Nervous system