Background state

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Background state


The background state Y (background rate YX) is the non-activated or inhibited respiratory state at background rate, which is low in relation to the higher rate ZX in the reference state Z. The transition from the background state to the reference state is a step change. A metabolic control variable X (substrate, activator) is added to the background state to stimulate flux to the level of the reference state. Alternatively, the metabolic control variable X is an inhibitor, which is present in the background state Y, but absent in the reference state Z. The background state is the baseline of a single step in the definition of the flux control efficiency. In a sequence of step changes, the common baseline state is the state of lowest flux in relation to all steps, which can be used as a baseline correction.

Abbreviation: Y

Reference: Flux control efficiency

Communicated by Gnaiger Erich (2013-08-01) edited 2020-11-10.

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