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Besançon L, Rânnberg N, Lâwgren J, Tennant JP, Cooper M (2020) Open up: a survey on open and non-anonymized peer reviewing. Res Integr Peer Rev 5:8. doi: 10.1186/s41073-020-00094-z

Β» PMID: 32607252 Open Access

Besancon L, Roennberg N, Loewgren J, Tennant JP, Cooper M (2020) Res Integr Peer Rev

Abstract: Background: Our aim is to highlight the benefits and limitations of open and non-anonymized peer review. Our argument is based on the literature and on responses to a survey on the reviewing process of alt.chi, a more or less open review track within the so-called Computer Human Interaction (CHI) conference, the predominant conference in the field of human-computer interaction. This track currently is the only implementation of an open peer review process in the field of human-computer interaction while, with the recent increase in interest in open scientific practices, open review is now being considered and used in other fields.

Methods: We ran an online survey with 30 responses from alt.chi authors and reviewers, collecting quantitative data using multiple-choice questions and Likert scales. Qualitative data were collected using open questions.

Results: Our main quantitative result is that respondents are more positive to open and non-anonymous reviewing for alt.chi than for other parts of the CHI conference. The qualitative data specifically highlight the benefits of open and transparent academic discussions. The data and scripts are available on, and the figures and follow-up work on

Conclusion: While the benefits are quite clear and the system is generally well-liked by alt.chi participants, they remain reluctant to see it used in other venues. This concurs with a number of recent studies that suggest a divergence between support for a more open review process and its practical implementation.

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