Editorial board participation

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Editorial board participation

Bioenergetics Communications

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Editorial board participation is a topic addressed in COPE core practices for research.

Β» COPE guidelines on editorial board participation

Key points (quotes from COPE)
  • Editorial roles should be clearly defined to include: the number of reviews expected, definitions of review quality and expectations; the level of editorial decisions to be made; and details of decision chains.
  • Appointment terms should be defined with details such as appointment criteria, length of term, renewal terms, and reasons to end the appointment early.
  • Journals should define the types or levels of conflicts of interest that are not permissible for their editors which, if present, should preclude an editor from joining the board or result in an editor’s removal if not resolved.
  • Journals should ask potential editorial board members to provide a list of their potential conflicts of interest.
  • When journals recruit editors at any level, they might need to decide whether it is appropriate for any individual to be a member of more than one editorial board at the same time within the same field, with the same levels of decision-making, or article commissioning responsibility.
Selected quotes from COPE
  • An example of a conflict of interest that is not permissible might be an editor having decision making authority at two or more journals that compete for the same manuscripts. Another example might be an editor accepting an invitation from a competing journal to be a guest editor for an initiative that could be published in the editor’s current journal.
Suggestions for BEC:
  • Number of reviews expected: 2/calendar year or no more than 3 declined or unanswered requests/year.
  • Appointment length: 3 years, renew if meets the above criteria. Appointment can be ended earlier if non-responsive/decline to act as editor twice without explanation.

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Editorial board participation


Editorial board participation is a topic addressed in COPE core practices for research.

Reference: COPE guidelines on editorial board participation

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