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Maciocci G, Aufreiter M, Bentley N (2019) Introducing eLife’s first computationally reproducible article. eLife Labs Feb 20, 2019.

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Maciocci G, Aufreiter M, Bentley N (2019) Elife

Abstract: Blending the traditional manuscript with live code, data and interactive figures, we showcase a new way for researchers to tell their full story. In September 2017 eLife announced the start of the Reproducible Document Stack (RDS) project, a collaboration between Substance, Stencila and eLife to support the development of an open-source technology stack aimed at enabling researchers to publish reproducible manuscripts through online journals. Reproducible manuscripts enrich the traditional narrative of a research article with code, data and interactive figures that can be executed in the browser, downloaded and explored, giving readers a direct insight into the methods, algorithms and key data behind the published research.

Today eLife, in collaboration with Substance, Stencila and Tim Errington, Director of Research ar the Center for Open Science, US, published its first reproducible article, based on one of Errington’s papers in the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology. This reproducible version of the article showcases some of what’s possible with the new RDS tools, and we invite researchers to explore the newly available opportunities to tell their story.

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