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MitoGlobal provides a world-wide platform for societies and organizations supporting mitochondrial research and medicine.

MitoGlobal Societies

MitoGlobal aims at

  • Promoting rigorous mitochondrial research from both basic and applied perspectives.
  • Promoting mitochondrial medicine, mitochondrial health care, preventive and protective medicine.
  • Providing a comprehensive list of MitoGlobal Societies.
  • Improving communication between mitochondrial societies, and integrating with general scientific societies.
  • Supporting new national mitochondrial societies in their organization.
  • Providing a comprehensive list of mitochondrial conferences, workshops, and educational programmes; linking scattered efforts: MitoGlobal Events
  • Coordinating and minimizing the time overlap of upcoming mitochondrial meetings.
  • Providing a comprehensive list of mitochondrial communications networks, mitochondrial network projects.
  • Maintaining a highly visible and interactive website (wiki-based).

MitoGlobal is moderated by the international MiPsociety and is supported by Oroboros Instruments.

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- the mitochondrial network with a MitoGlobal perspective

COST Action CA15203 Mitochondrial fitness mapping
MitoEAGLE: Evolution - Age - Gender - Lifestyle - Environment

Β» MitoGlobal first - science beyond borders