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MitoKit-CII/Succinate-nv (diacetoxymethyl succinate) is a plasma membrane-permeable prodrug (permeable succinate; Snv) that diffuses across the plasma membrane. Cleavage of diacetoxymethyl groups is mediated by intracellular esterases, thus releasing succinate in the intracellular space. Abliva #: 01-118-s4

Abbreviation: Snv

Reference: MitoKit-CII, Ehinger 2016 Nat Commun

Application in HRR

Succinate-nv: 25 mg, MW=262.2 g.mol-1
Preparation of 1 M stock solution:
  1. Dissolve 25 mg Snv in 95.3 Β΅L DMSO.
Preparation of 100 mM stock solution of Snv (from the 1 M stock):
  1. Dilute 95.3 Β΅L 1 M stock solution with 857.7 Β΅L DMSO.
  2. Divide into 50 Β΅L portions.
  3. Store up to 4 months at -20 Β°C or up to 1 week at room temperature.
Β» O2k manual titrations
  • Event name: Snv
  • Titration volume: 1 Β΅L steps using a 10 Β΅L syringe (2 mL O2k-Chamber).
  • Final concentration: 50 Β΅M steps.
  • Please consider that the final concentration needed in the O2k-Chamber may vary according to your cell type.

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