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Open chamber

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The term "open O2k-chamber" refers to a situation in which the liquid phase is allowed to equilibrate with a gas phase, but the stopper is partially inserted using the Stopper-Spacer.

Abbreviation: O

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Application in HRR

The liquid phase is defined as the experimental system, which is then an open system with exchange of oxygen with the gas phase, finally resulting in a stable oxygen signal with a slope over time of zero. Insert the stopper fully, siphon off any liquid from the receptacle of the stopper, and remove the stopper to a position defined by the Stopper-Spacer to include an optimum volume of the gas phase above the stirred liquid phase.


The experimental volume of the chamber is the homogenously stirred liquid phase. When the stopper is inserted into the volume-calibrated position and the medium fills the chamber including the stopper capillary, then the experimental volume V does not include the dead volume Vstc of the stopper capillary, including a small meniscus on top of the capillary required to visually observe complete filling of the capillary. When moving the stopper off the volume-calibrated position, a stirred volume V´ = V+Vstc is obtained, since the medium Vstc is drained into the chamber when moving the stopper upwards.
Open O: If we adhere to textbooks, then any titration into the O2k-chamber is 'opening' the system for mass transfer. This type of 'opening' disturbs the interpreation of the time-derivative of oxygen concentration as oxygen flux (or H2O2 flux), visible as apparent spikes in the time derivative. Mathematical corrections for this type of opening the chamber is possible when interpreting the oxygen concentration in the system in terms of internal and external causes of concentration change, dicO2 and decO2.
To avoid ambiguities, O should stand for "stopper is taken Off the volume-calibrated position.
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