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Rodriguez-Enriquez Sara

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BEC 2020.1 Mitochondrial physiology
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COST Action CA15203 (2016-2021): MitoEAGLE
Evolution-Age-Gender-Lifestyle-Environment: mitochondrial fitness mapping

Rodriguez-Enriquez Sara

MitoPedia topics: EAGLE 

COST: Member COST WG1: WG1

Name Rodriguez-Enriquez Sara, Dr., Investigador en Ciencias Medicas D


Institution Department of Biochemistry,

National Institute of Cardiology, MX

Address Juan Badiano No. 1

Col. Seccion 16, 14080

City Tlalpan
Country Mexico
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab MX Mexiko City Moreno-Sanchez R



Moreno-Sanchez 2022 MitoFit2022Moreno-SĂĄnchez R, Robledo-Cadena DX, Pacheco-VelĂĄzquez SC, RodrĂ­guez-EnrĂ­quez S (2022) Estimation of energy pathway fluxes in cancer cells- beyond the Warburg effect.
BEC 2020.1 doi10.26124bec2020-0001.v12020Gnaiger E et al ― MitoEAGLE Task Group (2020) Mitochondrial physiology.
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Rodriguez-Enriquez 2019 Toxicol Appl Pharmacol2019Rodríguez-Enríquez S, Pacheco-Velåzquez SC, Marín-Hernåndez Á, Gallardo-Pérez JC, Robledo-Cadena DX, Hernåndez-Reséndiz I, García-García JD, Belmont-Díaz J, López-Marure R, Hernåndez-Esquivel L, Sånchez-Thomas R, Moreno-Sånchez R (2019) Resveratrol inhibits cancer cell proliferation by impairing oxidative phosphorylation and inducing oxidative stress. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 370:65-77.
Pacheco-Velazquez 2018 Mol Pharm2018Pacheco-Velåzquez SC, Robledo-Cadena DX, Hernåndez-Reséndiz I, Gallardo-Pérez JC, Moreno-Sånchez R, Rodríguez-Enríquez S (2018) Energy metabolism drugs block triple negative breast metastatic cancer cell phenotype. Mol Pharm 15:2151-64.
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Corona de la Pena 2017 PLoS One2017Corona de la Peña N, Gutiérrez-Aguilar M, Hernåndez-Reséndiz I, Marín-Hernåndez Á, Rodríguez-Enríquez S (2017) Glycoprotein Ib activation by thrombin stimulates the energy metabolism in human platelets.
Moreno-Sanchez 2013 FEBS J2013Moreno-SĂĄnchez R, HernĂĄndez-Esquivel L, Rivero-Segura NA, MarĂ­n-HernĂĄndez A, Neuzil J, Ralph SJ, RodrĂ­guez-EnrĂ­quez S (2013) Reactive oxygen species are generated by the respiratory Complex II - evidence for lack of contribution of the reverse electron flow in Complex I. FEBS J 280:927-38.


Moreno-Sanchez 2022 Abstract Bioblast20226.2. «10+5»
Moreno-Sanchez Rafael, Robledo-Cadena DX, Pacheco-VelĂĄzquez SC, RodrĂ­guez-EnrĂ­quez S (2022) Estimation of energy pathway fluxes in cancer cells- beyond the Warburg effect. Bioblast 2022: BEC Inaugural Conference. In: