Sodium orthovanadate

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Sodium orthovanadate


Sodium vanadate (Na3VO4) is used as an ATPase inhibitor.

Abbreviation: VO4

Application in HRR

VO4: orthovanadate (Sodium vanadate; Na3VO4), Sigma-Aldrich: S6508, store at RT, M = 183.91 gΒ·mol-1

Preparation of 25 mM stock solution (dissolved in H2O)
  1. Weigh 45.98 mg.
  2. Under a fume hood, dissolve in a volume of distilled H2O lower than 10 mL, using a borosilicate Erlenmeyer flask or Falcon tube.
  3. Under the fume hood, adjust the pH of the solution to approximately 8.7 with HCl solution using pH test strips, the solution will turn yellow.
  4. Prepare a heated bath under the fume hood and allow the water to boil (e.g., with a heating plate and a borosilicate glass flask with water).
  5. Heat the solution in this bath until it turns colorless and allow it to cool to room temperature (it is possible to use an ice bath to make it faster).
  6. Readjust the pH to 8.7 with HCl under the fume hood, the solution will turn yellow again.
  7. Repeat this cycle of heating and readjusting the pH until the solution remains colorless at pH 8.7 and room temperature.
  8. Adjust the volume with distilled H2O to 10 mL.
  9. Divide in aliquots.
  10. Store at +4 Β°C.
β€œThis treatment removes all decavanadate ions present in the Na3VO4 solution, which induces mitochondrial membrane depolarization and inhibition of oxygen consumption”, Chinopoulos 2014 Methods Enzymol
Β» O2k manual titrations MiPNet09.12 O2k-Titrations
  • Titration volume: 2.4 Β΅L using a 10 Β΅L syringe (2 mL O2k-chamber).
  • Final concentration: 30 Β΅M.


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