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MITOEAGLE Early Career Investigators forum, Obergurgl 2017

Meet the expert - MiPschool Obergurgl 2017
Session D3 MITOEAGLE Early Career Investigators forum (organized by Komlòdi Timea, Oroboros Instruments, Innsbruck, AT; and Garcia e Souza Luiz, University Innsbruck, AT): Meet the expert.
We are Luiz and Timea (working for Oroboros Instruments) and are responsible for the organization of the Early Career Investigator (ECI)-Forum at the upcoming MiPschool 2017 in Obergurgl, which is scheduled for July 25th in the evening.
Since you have tremendous expertise in the field of bioenergetics and are an invited lecturer for this event, we would like to invite you to be one of the group leaders for this forum.
The idea: ‘Meet the expert’ – Round tables
The participants (ECI) would be divided into small groups (with a maximum of 5 participants) with one group leader (professor or experienced supervisor) per table. This option would give the ECI the opportunity to speak in person in a small group about the pitfalls, problems and questions of their research project. The topic of the groups would be defined based on the interest and expertise of the group leader.
The ECI would have the opportunity to speak about their project in 5 min (without any Powerpoint presentation) and the emphasis should be put on the problem what they have faced during the project related to the topic of the group – this could be beneficial for everyone. The idea behind the ECI-Forum is to provide a platform for new opinions and the exchange of ideas.
Also for you as an expert, it is also a possibility that you come up with a problematic question, which could be interesting from your point of view and useful for the ECIs. Thereby everybody could reflect and share his/her own problem and opinion as well. -Of course, this is optional.
There are 90 min scheduled for this evening session, starting after dinner. We would like to give the ECIs the opportunity for exchange with two experts, therefore, depending on the number of ECI participants one rotation will be suggested.
Since the participants will be informed in advance by email about the ECI forum and have to register for the different groups, we would appreciate your feedback until Thursday evening – July 20th.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon on the MiPschool in Obergurgl and joining us as a group leader in the ECI Forum.
Yours sincerely,
Luiz Felipe Garcia e Souza and Tímea Komlódi