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List of DatLab menus

DatLab 8

General information

Β» Getting Started
Β» Graph Control
Β» Graphical user interface
Β» User
Β» Keyboard shortcuts


Β» Start screen
Β» Show graphs


Β» Connect
Β» Disconnect
Β» Start measurement
Β» Illumination on/off
Β» Stirrer A on/off
Β» Stirrer B on/off
Β» Stirrers A+B on/off
Β» Stirrer test
Β» Channel and data vector labels
  • A: O2
  • A: Amp
  • A: pX
  • B: O2
  • B: Amp
  • B: pX


Β» TIP2k control


Β» Set lower O2 limit
Β» Instrumental: Browse DL protocols
Β» SUIT: Browse DL protocols
Β» Open MitoPedia: SUIT
Β» Protocol editor
  • Protocol editor
  • Description
  • Application and channels
  • Events and marks
  • Metadata and default values


Β» Sample and medium
Β» Experimental log
Β» Add events


Β» Open

Flux / Slope

Β» Open


Β» Options


Β» Standard layouts
  • O2 only
  • 01 Calibration show temperature
  • 02 Calibration - Background
  • 03 Background high O2
  • 04a Flux per volume
  • 04b Flux per volume overlay
  • 05a Specific flux
  • 05b Specific flux overlay
  • 06a Specific flux high O2
  • 06b Specific flux high O2 overlay
  • 07a Flux Control Ratios
  • 07b Flux Control Ratios overlay
  • O2 raw signal
  • Fluorometric
  • 01a Fluo raw signal with slope
  • 01b Fluo raw signal without slope
  • 02 Fluo calibrated with slope
  • 02 Fluo calibrated without slope
  • Amperometric
  • 01 Amp Amperometric raw signal
  • 02 Amp Amperometric calibrated
  • Potentiometric
  • 01 pX Potentiometric raw signal
  • 02 pX Potentiometric calibrated
  • 03 pH raw signal
  • 04 pH calibrated
  • 05 TPP+ raw signal
  • 06 TPP+ calibrated
  • Q
  • 01 Q raw signal
  • 02 Reduced Q fraction
  • NADH
  • 01 Calibration - NADH raw signal
  • 02 NADH raw signal
  • 03 Reduced NADH fraction
  • PhotoBiology
  • 01 PhotoBiology


Β» Mark statistics
Β» Set outlier index threshold
  • System default
  • Lab default
  • Session value

Coenzyme Q

Β» Start Cyclic Voltammetry


Β» Set light intensity
  • PhotoBiology: Set light intensity for both chambers
  • PhotoBiology: Set light intensity program for both chambers


Β» Insert test data
Β» Test Wizard
Β» Test Start Measurement
Β» Test Channel Parameters
Β» Test Plot Options
Β» Calibration
Β» Show info dialog
Β» Show warning dialog
Β» Show error dialog with details
Β» Show error dialog without details
Β» Show confirmation dialog


Β» Open MitoPedia
Β» Open MitoPedia: DatLab
Β» USB console
Β» About DatLab
  • DatLab version 8
  • Special Attributions

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