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A user name is

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DatLab 8

DatLab 8 starts with prompting the user to enter a user name that can be chosen by the user. During the first login, the user is asked to provide personal information (full name, email address, company name) that will be further saved in files recorded or processed by the user. As an example, in the experimental log the user name is displayed in the fields 'Field recorded by:' or 'Background correction Chamber A applied by:'.

DatLab 7.4

A user code or name is entered upon starting DatLab. This window pops up automatically after opening DatLab. The current user is displayed in the O2k signal line and usernames are connected with personal graph layouts. Users can be renamed and deleted (with all linked personal layouts) using menu 'File\Manage users'. For additional please refer to MiPNet21.16 DatLab 7 Innovations.

MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: DatLab 

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