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Van Liere 1963 Hypoxia

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van Liere EJ, Stickney JC (1963) Hypoxia. Univ Chicago Press Chicago, London:381 pp.

van Liere EJ, Stickney JC (1963) Univ Chicago Press


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Editions made explicit

  • The only reference to van Liere EJ (1942) Anoxia: its effect on the body. Univ Chicago Press, Chicago, London:269 pp. is found on the book cover: Hypoxia, or oxygen deficiency, is a condition caused not only by high altitudes but by diseases of the blood, lungs, heart, and circulation. One of the biomedical problems involved in space flight, hypoxia has been the object of intense research in recent years. This most timely study, which replaces Dr. Van Liere's earlier book, Anoxia: its effect on the body (1942), classifies and reviews the various forms of hypoxia.
  • Anoxia (1942) and Hypoxia (1963) have identical tables of contents and a largely identical text, mainly replacing the term anoxia by hypoxia.