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To find an article

Quelle: arxiv:
Simple search: Enter a few title words and/or author names and/or abstract words into the "Search Bioblast" box in the top right. It will show you all search results.

To submit an article info dazu

Everyone who submits should read the following general information:
  • We accept submissions only from registered authors. (??)
  • Submitters must grant MitoFit Preprint Arch a non-exclusive and irrevocable license to distribute or certify that the work is available under another license that conveys these rights. (??)
  • Submitters must agree to MitoFit Preprint Arch terms of submission.
  • Formats for text submission
  • Formats for figures
  • File names and case sensitivity
  • Inclusion of data sets and ancillary files (data, programs, etc.)
  • Title/Abstract preparation
  • Check your submission and read messages (??)
  • Edit or replace your article if necessary
  • Take responsibility
  • Special instructions for third party submission and index submissions for conference proceedings
Delete?: Please note that we do not accept submissions with omitted figures, tables or sections. We also do not accept "abstract only" submissions. Such submissions are unhelpful to readers and of very limited archival value.

To submit an article, ## send info to?? - this needs more information


Your submission to the archive must be in one of the following formats (listed in order of preference):
Formats for text of submission - pdf
Figures for a submission can be in a number of common formats. These include: all of them??
  • PostScript (PS/EPS, most common for line drawings, plots, etc.) (??)
  • JPEG (ideal for photographic images)
  • GIF or PNG (best for non-photographic images, bitmaps)
  • PDF figures (only with PDFLaTeX)
If your submission has a large figure, be sure to include it, but make all possible efforts to reduce its size. Note that we do not accept submissions with omitted figures, even if you provide a link to another server.
File names and case sensitivity
only the following characters in file names:
a-z A-Z 0-9 _ + - . , =
The presence of any other character (e.g. spaces, question marks, asterisks, umlaut, etc.) will be rejected.
Title/Abstract preparation
Before you make submit your article in the submission process be sure to check carefully both the title/abstract (metadata) and the processed files. If you see any errors or are unhappy with the formatting then correct them

The following information is also required for submission: (needed for us as well or can be deleted?)
  • Institutional affiliation for the author(s) must be provided.
  • Official report number(s) from the author(s) institution(s) must be provided.

Terms of Submission

Submitters agree to the following policy statements:
  • I confirm that I have the rights to agree to the license designated for this submission.
  • I understand that submissions cannot be completely removed once accepted.
  • I understand that MitoFit Preprint Arch reserves the right to reclassify or reject any submission.
  • I understand that submissions will be automatically compared with other MitoFit Preprint Arch articles and detected text overlap may be noted.
  • I understand that metadata may be corrected to conform to MitoFit Preprint Archstandards.
  • For third-party submissions, I have obtained pre-authorization from MitoFit Preprint Arch to submit as a third-party submitter. (???)

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