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SUIT: Browse DL-Protocols

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A comprehensive library of SUIT protocols including DatLab example traces, instructions, brief explanatory texts, links to relevant pages, representative diagrams and templates for data evaluation can be browsed from inside DatLab 7.4. Click on menu [Protocols]\SUIT: Browse DL-Protocols and templates to open a folder with all the SUIT protocols provided with the DatLab 7.4. DL-Protocols (DLP) for different sample preparations can be chosen to assess multiple sequences of respiratory coupling control and ET-pathway states. DL-Protocols posses unique D## codes and comprise a fixed sequence of events and marks which cannot be changed by the user. However, the users can edit titration volumes and concentrations in the Overview window of a DL-protocol, save the overview, and export the file as a user-specific DL-Protocol [File / Export / A or B: Export DL-Protocol User (*.DLPU)]. In DatLab 7.4, fixed sequence of events and marks can be changed (Skip/Added) in a SUIT protocol by the user. Moreover, editions of text, instructions, concentrations and titration volumes of injections in a specific DL-Protocol can be edited and saved as user-specific DL-Protocol [File]\Export\DL-Protocol User (*.DLPU). For more information, see: Enable DL-Protocol editing.

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Protocol menu

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SUIT: Browse DL-Protocols and templates

Library of SUIT protocols and O2 analysis template in DatLab 7.4:

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